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How to Install Xrdp server in Centos 8

Install xrdp in centos 8

[root@centos ~]# yum groupinstall "Server with GUI"



 xrdp                                         x86_64                      1:0.9.12-4.el8                                           epel                           444 k
Installing dependencies:
 libICE                                       x86_64                      1.0.9-15.el8                                             AppStream                       74 k
 libSM                                        x86_64                      1.2.3-1.el8                                              AppStream                       48 k
 libX11-xcb                                   x86_64                      1.6.7-1.el8                                              AppStream                       14 k
 libXdmcp                                     x86_64                      1.1.2-11.el8                                             AppStream                       40 k
 libXfont2                                    x86_64                      2.0.3-2.el8                                              AppStream                      149 k
 libXmu                                       x86_64                      1.1.2-12.el8                                             AppStream                       74 k
 libXt                                        x86_64                      1.1.5-12.el8                                             AppStream                      186 k
 libXxf86misc                                 x86_64                      1.0.4-1.el8                                              AppStream                       23 k
 libXxf86vm                                   x86_64                      1.1.4-9.el8                                              AppStream                       19 k
 libdrm                                       x86_64                      2.4.98-2.el8                                             AppStream                      165 k
 libglvnd                                     x86_64                      1:1.0.1-0.9.git5baa1e5.el8                               AppStream                       95 k
 libglvnd-glx                                 x86_64                      1:1.0.1-0.9.git5baa1e5.el8                               AppStream                      131 k
 libmcpp                                      x86_64                      2.7.2-20.el8                                             AppStream                       81 k
 libxkbfile                                   x86_64                      1.0.9-9.el8                                              AppStream                       86 k
 libxshmfence                                 x86_64                      1.3-2.el8                                                AppStream                       13 k
 llvm-libs                                    x86_64                      8.0.1-1.module_el8.1.0+215+a01033fb                      AppStream                       18 M
 mcpp                                         x86_64                      2.7.2-20.el8                                             AppStream                       31 k
 mesa-dri-drivers                             x86_64                      19.1.4-3.el8_1                                           AppStream                      7.6 M
 mesa-filesystem                              x86_64                      19.1.4-3.el8_1                                           AppStream                       32 k
 mesa-libGL                                   x86_64                      19.1.4-3.el8_1                                           AppStream                      184 k
 mesa-libglapi                                x86_64                      19.1.4-3.el8_1                                           AppStream                       61 k
 tigervnc-license                             noarch                      1.9.0-12.el8_1                                           AppStream                       37 k
 tigervnc-server-minimal                      x86_64                      1.9.0-12.el8_1                                           AppStream                      1.1 M
 xorg-x11-server-utils                        x86_64                      7.7-27.el8                                               AppStream                      198 k
 xorg-x11-xauth                               x86_64                      1:1.0.9-12.el8                                           AppStream                       39 k
 xorg-x11-xinit                               x86_64                      1.3.4-18.el8                                             AppStream                       58 k
 xorg-x11-xkb-utils                           x86_64                      7.7-27.el8                                               AppStream                      114 k
 libpciaccess                                 x86_64                      0.14-1.el8                                               BaseOS                          32 k
Enabling module streams:
 llvm-toolset                                                             rhel8
Transaction Summary
Install  29 Packages
Total download size: 29 M
Installed size: 134 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

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